Didn't Finish the First One but then... Tried 1.500+ Beers! - Beerview #013 with @val.beer.i

New guest alert! We have Valerie on board today who chases and reviews craft beers by visiting different breweries and sharing them on her nice Instagram account @val.beer.i We highly recommend to follow her right after (or before) you finish reading her nice answers.

·        Can you tell a bit about yourself?

My name is Valerie and I am a craft beer enthusiast who is looking to try every beers possible. I love to taste and review them on my Instagram account. I also like to travel to visit different breweries and to make some new friends everywhere I am going to.

·        How and when your interest in beers started?

I don't remember when I begun to like beers as much as now, but I guess it begins around 2011.

·        Why did you decide to start your account about beers?

First I was posting on my private profile; but as my friends are not very interested in that or at least as much as myself, I've started a public profile with only pictures and reviews of craft beers I was having. It started in summer 2017.

·        How many different beers you tried so far? Any guess?

On my untappd I have actually 1.452 but I know that I didn't put all the beers I've tasted on it, so at least 1.500+ beers.

·        Which country’s beers you like more and why?

I prefer US and Canadian beers because they fit more in my tastes and I love IPAs; and also it is because it's nearby and easier for me to find the ones I am looking for.

·        Do you remember your first beer? What was your reaction?

First I didn't like the taste at all. I didn't finish mine.

·        What is your opinion about craft beers? Which is your favorite?

I love craft beers and I love where they are going with their IPAs, sour IPAs, sours, and every mixes that breweries are doing! It's so unique and different from each other.

·        Which 3 beers would you take with you to Mars?

1) Equilibrium - Sexual Fluctuation


2) Monkish Brewing - Beats is Infinite


3) Tree House - Doppelganger (but I haven't tasted the Doubleganger yet, which is even better apparently...)

·        What would you recommend to people who started interest in beers?

To be open minded first, because we all have different tastes and we need to respect each other's tastes. Also, it doesn't mean if you don't like IPAs at the first sip that you won't like another IPA, same for every style of beers. So just try.

·        Anything else you would like to add? 

Sharing is caring!! People of craft beer are awesome, generous and amazing, Let's keep it  that way 😊 Cheers!

So before you click that follow button, you can see some more photos here from her account: