I Need Different Beers for Different Occasions on Mars! - Beerview #006 with @blondebrewreviews

Our guest for Beerview #006 is @blondebrewreviews who has a beer review blog in addition to her Instagram account. Her beer adventure started with Coors Light and continues with many craft beers, which she finds complex in flavor as wine. Below you can read her great answers for our questions:

 ·        How and when your interest in beers started?
My interest in beer really started about a year and a half ago. I got tired of those boring “domestics” and really wanted to find something else to drink. Liquor is no friend of mine, and wine is okay, but I have always liked beer the most. Drinking the same beer all the time gets old, though. First, I went to Publix, a local grocery store, and tested the unknown waters of popular craft beers. At the time, I also lived fairly close to a World of Beer. I began to try different beers on the menu, ventured in to different styles, and eventually, grew an absolute love for beer.

·        Why did you decide to start your account about beers?
A friend of mine, at the time, had just started up a blog. I had always wanted to blog, but I could never find that niche that I belonged to. Everyone wanted me to create a make up blog, but as much as I enjoy makeup, it didn’t feel right for me. The super saturated beauty blogging world didn’t seem like a place I wanted to put myself in. Beer, however, has always been a true love of mine. So, she said, why don’t you make a beer blog? And so I did! It has become my baby.

·        How many different beers you tried so far? Any guess?
At least three or four hundred. I am sure it is around that ball park! And it’s growing.

·        Which country’s beers you like more and why?
I think I enjoy German beers the most. They have a traditional taste and some of them you can drink all day. True, classic beer.

·        Do you remember your first beer? What was your reaction?
My first beer was a Coors Light (let’s all take a moment to laugh) and I liked it! I still like it! And I am not ashamed. I prefer Bud Light, though.

·        What is your opinion about craft beers? Which is your favorite?
I love craft beer. I love that beer can be complex in flavor, just like wine. Different beers, like wines, can be paired with specific foods for that style or taste. It is also very different with each place you visit. Even something as simple as the local water can alter the taste of a beer. 

·        Which 3 beers would you take with you to Mars?
This is a very hard question. I suppose I would need a beer for different occasions… Not that a whole lot would be happening on Mars.

I would take: 

1) Spook Hill, an American Pale Ale brewed locally by Red Cypress Brewing,


2) Founder’s Green Zebra (you know I had to pick a sour),


3) Apricaustic by Hourglass Brewing, another place local to Orlando. 
Apricaustic is an 18% apricot dream that doesn’t taste like a high ABV beer would. It’s great. That’s my party beer.


·        What would you recommend to people who started interest in beers?
I recommend trying new things that you wouldn’t normally want to. Seriously, some beers will surprise you! You may try many beers that you don’t really like, but there will be one out there that will change your palette and change your mind. Start there, and branch out to stuff that is similar in taste. Then you may just turn into a beer geek like the rest of us.

·        Anything else you would like to add?
Nothing else to add that I can think of.

You can follow her Instagram account and blog for great photos and reviews!

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