If This is Beer, What was that Yellow Thing? - Beerview #012 with @birasevdasi

Our new guest on Beerview interview series is @birasevdasi from Turkey who trusts his liver more than Untappd to count the number of beers. His beer journey changed its path totally after his US visit and he realized he was drinking something else but not beer before. Let's read his interesting answers to find out more about him:
·        How and when your interest in beers started?

All the story started with my first trip to the US in 2010. After tasting some different beers for the first time, such as Duvel, Guinness, Samuel Adams and Sierra Nevada, I asked myself : "If these things are beer, what is the yellow sparkling stuff we are drinking in Turkey? If it is also beer, what the hell are these tasty juices?". Then, I devoted myself to beer tasting, and now here I am.

·        Why did you decide to start your account about beers?

It was March 2013, and there was very limited Turkish resources about beer culture, and I thought it would be interesting and beneficial to have a blog and share some stuff about beer culture as well. The thing is, beer variety in 2013 was also very limited compared to today! Moreover, my blog was also a diary for myself as well. Keeping notes for me :) But, as I said, the main goal was to get people's attention, and let them know their beer. 

·        How many different beers you tried so far? Any guess?

According to Untappd it is more than 500, but the thing is, I am using it since 2015. So, I can confidently say that it is way more than 1000, and my liver will approve that as well. 

·        Which country’s beers you like more and why?

The US without any doubt. I am an IPA and Russian Imperial Stout fan, and the US is the gold-standard for these beers. Then, Berlin and Belgium are my other favorite destinations.

For the love of beer...

·        Do you remember your first beer? What was your reaction?

It must be 20-22 years ago, when I was a kid. My family used to drink beer with fish, it was like a tradition. While they are cooking, they always asked me "It is about to cook, so grab 4 beers from the market, hurry up!" It was a classical Efes Pilsen, and for that time it was shocking for me! It was so good; but today, I am sure I will pour it to the sink without thinking for a second :)  

·        Which 3 beers would you take with you to Mars?

The most difficult question! After thinking more than 10 minutes, I can say: 

1) Orval, 


2) AleSmith Speedway Stout


3) Lervig Tasty Juice IPA.


·        What would you recommend to people who started interest in beers?

Start reading blogs and beer books, and the most importantly start to try different beers without any hesitation. The most important part of this hobby or passion, whatever you name it, is being open to different tastes. Attend tasting events and sample as much as beers as you can!

·        Anything else you would like to add? 

Thank you for the questions, and don't forget that: Life is too short to drink bad beer! Have fun!  

The name of his account means "beer love" in Turkish and you will feel the love if you visit his account