I Started Drinking Craft Beers when I was...um...21 - Beerview #017 with @drinkingoutsidethebox

Our new guest on Beerview interview series is Katie who has a great Instagram account @drinkingoutsidethebox about beers and their reviews. She is not sure how many beers she tried but she knows that she tried more than thousand before 21 (she said Shhh!). You can read her beer story below and follow her account to see new beer stories she is sharing.

·        Can you tell a bit about yourself?
Hi! I'm Katie, and I run a beer Instagram called Drinking Outside the Box! I'm 25 and a proud helluva Georgia Tech engineer. I am a sucker for reality tv shows, the trashier the better, and I will never fail to squeal when I see a cat. 

·        How and when your interest in beers started?
I started drinking craft beer when I was 19 (I mean, 21. Shhhh) because my ex-boyfriend was really into it. He got really into trading and I got to try all kinds of things thanks to him. My instagram was actually originally a wine blog--website and all-- based around wine reviews by someone who knows nothing about wine. Thus the name. It was a pun based on box wine. Haha. I was too proud of it to change it to something beer related.

·        Why did you decide to start your account about beers?
I started getting a reputation for being a "beer snob" with my friends and coworkers, and I've always loved social media and blogs. Last fall, I decided to combine the two loves, and here I am!

·        How many different beers you tried so far? Any guess?
I had tried more than a thousand beers before I turned 21. Four years later, I have no idea, honestly. Don't look at my Untapped. Haha. I never use it.

·        Which country’s beers you like more and why?
I have to go with good ol' Merica because I haven't had as many from other countries! I feel like I don't have a fair basis of comparison. I really do enjoy Belgian beers though.

·        Do you remember your first beer? What was your reaction?
I don't remember, but odds are that I didn't like it. The first one I remember liking was Sweetwater Blue.

·        What is your opinion about craft beers? Which is your favorite?
I'm a big fan of craft beers. As much as my friends tease me, I wouldn't consider myself a "snob". I've had really good stuff with no hype, and I've had pretty average stuff with a lot of hype. I just want to drink good beer. Hype or no. My favorite is, unfortunately, Firestone Walker Parabola. I say unfortunately because it definitely doesn't get distributed to Georgia, so I don't get to drink it very often at all. Haha!

·        Which 3 beers would you take with you to Mars?

1) Firestone Walker Parabola

2) J. Wakefield DFPF

3) Westbrook Mexican Cake

·        What would you recommend to people who started interest in beers?
Try a bunch of different things! People like different styles, and nothing tastes the same, even in the same style. It took me a long time to appreciate IPAs, but the first time I tried a stout, I had hearts in my eyes. I worked my way from stouts to sours to belgian styles to IPAs. When I recommend beers to friends, I try to figure out what flavor profiles they like in other foods and drinks and suggest things from there. I LOVE big and bold beers, but sometimes it's best to start people out on less aggressive flavors and work their way up.

·        Fruit beers are getting popular, what do you think about them? (Question by @bier_love )
I'm down with a fruit beer. Fruit beers may be a girl drink, but I am proud to be a girl. Perfect in the summer! Give me more fruit!

·        Do you prefer bottles or cans? (Question by @thecraftycasual )
For me, bottles. For the environment, cans. Tbh, I drink out of a glass most of the time anyways, so if I'm not going to drink out of the container, I'd rather go cans because they are more easily recycled.

·        You have one free flight to anywhere to drink a beer of your choice, where would you go? (Question by @glopehops )

I'd probably hit up southern California and jump around to different breweries. I live on the east coast of the US, so it's easier for me to travel up the coast on this side, but I don't get out to the west coast as often and they have soooo many good options.

·        Anything else you would like to add? 
Just want to say thank you for hitting me up! I'm glad to see people getting more and more into craft beer. This is a solid community that I have been proud to be part of for years now, and I love seeing it grow and flourish!

We also thank Katie for her nice answers and recommend her great account to all beer lovers. (You can also DM your own beer related questions to @beers.ofthe.world and we can ask them to our future guests!)