We Say "Käsityöläispanimoa", You Say Craft Breweries - Beerview #014 with @mikkepii

Our new guest on Beerview interview series is Mika from Finland who is a chef in a primary school kitchen. His favorite country is Finland with great "käsityöläispanimoa" which means craft breweries. Let's go to this beautiful Northern country and listen his answers before following his account.

·        Can you tell a bit about yourself?
My name is Mika and i live in small town called Leppävirta, Finland. I work as a chef of primary school kitchen. I have lovely wife Hanna and three wonderful kids Peetu, Seela and Elsa. And we also have a cat called Armas the cat.

·        How and when your interest in beers started?
My interest on craft beer started so miraculously as a bottle label. I thought that would be interesting to try. And that taste, like never before...  The beer was Laitilan Kekri. I blame you Laitila! 😊

·        Why did you decide to start your account about beers?
Why I decide to start account for beers? No big reason, just want to share others craft beer fans what I drink. And so far it has been nice and rewarding.

·        How many different beers you tried so far? Any guess?
How many beers i tried so far? I would say about 500. Not so many in quantity, but high in quality. 😊

·        Which country’s beers you like more and why?
This could easily be said USA. But of course I had to say Finland. We have many great, as we say "käsityöläispanimoa" craft breweries, like Hiisi, Iso-Kallan Panimo, Fat Lizard, Saimaan Juomatehdas, Kanavan Panimo and so on... 🍻

·        Do you remember your first beer? What was your reaction?
I do remember, my reaction was like what the hell is this... so, not love at the first sip. And I do remember the brewery. But do not go there...

·        What is your opinion about craft beers? Which is your favorite?
My opinion about craft beers? I really like stouts. Those dark roasted liquid gold. Vanilla, coffee, chocolate. So good! You know like what Homer Simpson to do...

·        Which 3 beers would you take with you to Mars?
3 beers to take to Mars? That’s impossible... let’s go.

1) Founders KBS

The Crafty Pint

2) Sori Brewing CONCA D’ORO


3) Põhjala JÕULUÖÖ


·        What would you recommend to people who started interest in beers?
Do not hesitate to try all sorts of craft beer. Trust me, you’ll find perfect beer for you! 

·        Anything else you would like to add? 
You do awesome job! Just keep it going! 🍻 Cheers! 🍻

If you want some refreshing views with beers, you can follow his nice account with photos like these: